to daddy

by Sofia DeVille

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Tanisha Jackland
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Tanisha Jackland This track is the shit! Such fire and brutal honesty...Sofia is a wonderful music maker w/ a huge heart. I love her!
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thoughts keep spinning in my head
fast, faster, soon too fast to handle
i need pills to stand up
still stuck in those dark days when you were nerver around
i know my story isn´t the worst, but it´s mine
and it should concern you daddy
coz there were times when i really needed you to keep me safe
but you were never around, to meet those bullies, abusive lovers
and my all-around self destructive behavior

i know i´m suppose to be a big girl now, and don´t blame you for what i´ve become or didn´t become but it´s hard when i see that
it all comes down to, self-esteem, self worth and there daddy you could have made a difference, you could have built me up but you were never around

if you haven´t figured it out this song is dedicated to all people with responsibilities who chose not to take it, not to take it

and while i´m at it i´d like to turn the spotlight to all teachers who dosen´t give a fuck if they help or break young people´s life
yeah you need to go to school, but really i´d be better off in one piece than with a fucked up low quality education, coz i can´t really use that if i´m dead, which is the outcome many times when teachers choose to look away again daddy you were never around

Last but not least i´d like to send a big pile of shit to all the assholes who sit on 99.9 % of all assets in the world, for thinking you deserve it, thinking you´ve worked for it, well you don´t, you didn´t and in the end if you don´t wake up we come and kill you and take all your stuff, you know history, that´s what´s gonna happen and fuck you for even thinking you deserve it more than the woman working her ass off on the rice field, and the man who carries poison just so we can eat the fucking chiquita bananas, it´s insane and daddy you brought me to this fucked up world but you were never around


released June 9, 2015



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Sofia DeVille Sweden

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